deliziös’ First Livestream: A Recipe for Success with 27.5% Direct Sales Conversion”



deliziös, an in-house built creator channel managed by HELLO, collaborated with professional chef Bernd Zehner for its first-ever live stream. The channel, which has gained popularity for its food guides, decided to stream the event on multiple platforms, including Youtube, TikTok, and the HELLO App.

The team was successful in driving public traffic from their social media channels, which helped them convert their audience into private traffic in the HELLO App. The live stream event resulted in a remarkable direct sales conversion rate of 27.5%, which exceeded their expectations.

One of the key reasons for the high conversion rate was tapping into a targeted food-community and the use of multiple platforms. The team chose to stream horizontally on Youtube and TikTok, while simultaneously streaming vertically on the HELLO App. This strategy helped them reach a wider audience, strong traffic conversion to the HELLO App and provided a better viewing experience for their viewers.

Additionally, the average watch time of 32 minutes per unique viewer indicates that the content was engaging and interesting, which led to higher sales. The collaboration with a professional chef was also a contributing factor to the success of the event as it provided valuable insights into the food industry, which the audience found informative.

Overall, deliziös’ first live stream collaboration with Bernd Zehner was a major success, thanks to the use of multiple platforms, engaging content, and a professional collaborator. The team plans to continue using this strategy for future events to drive even more sales and reach a wider audience.